Our company AgrosKB

Productivity rests on
dedicated teamwork

We have been present on the market of Serbia and the region for more than 35 years. We have high quality staff, top engineers and designers, and highly qualified workers who are completely equipped to apply new and best technical and technological innovations at any time. Our productivity rests on dedicated teamwork, which we support with engagement and orientation towards the clients with a large dose of optimism.


Quality and innovative solutions

We keep in step with the latest developments and technologies in the field of production of technological equipment and systems.

Observance of hygienic conditions according to the HACCP plan

We comply with hygienic conditions for food safety during all processes of receipt, preparation, and serving, or packaging.

We care for environmental protection

Like any responsible company, we make sure that in the production process we preserve our planet for future generations.
*please note: viewers discretion advised, this video material contains scenes that some may find disturbing

Why should you choose us?

Automate & simplify the whole process
The range of products from our production program is found in many well-known meat and milk processing companies. Some of them are NEOPLANTA - Novi Sad, MATIJEVIĆ - Novi Sad, DTD RIBARSTVO - Bački Jarak, ŠABAC DAIRY - Šabac, FRIKOM - Padinska Skela.